Hi, I'm Ren.


Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, but a West Coast girl at heart, Ren has been a photographer for ten years, working with individuals, businesses, and publications all over the country.

She received a BFA in Photography in 2010 from the Memphis College of Art, and an MFA in Multidisciplinary Art from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2013. (She may have married a cardboard cutout for her thesis project.)

She shot her first roll of film on a Pentax K1000 she bought at a thrift store when she was 15 years old, and shooting film will always be her favorite.

Ren considers herself a visual crusader, fiction junkie, and media literacy advocate who loves the art of storytelling in all its forms and hates talking about herself in the third person.


Contact Me

I'm available for projects big and small, collaboration, & coffee dates. Please say hi via the contact form here, or directly via the email or phone number below.