Negroni canned cocktail sitting on a table near a blood orange
Manhattan canned cocktail in a moody interior with cherry garnish
Old Fashioned canned cocktail being poured into a glass with orange garnish and sugar cubes
Three canned cocktails stacked in pyramid formation
Vintage perfume bottles, flowers, and sex toys artfully arranged on a colorful table
Sex toys suspended with flowers hanging between them
Dried flowers in a glass vase arranged next to a concrete block
Pears, dried flowers, a lotus pod, and shards of broken mirror on a table with a waving shadow of a palm leaf in the background
Two hands cradling a blue pipe against blue fabric
Two hands holding up blue pipes against an orange background
Two hands holding a blue pipe against a blue jacket
A hand touching a melting disco ball on a pedestal
Different types of sausage based dishes displayed on a tablescape
A hand reaching toward a plate full of sausage rolls